JHPTS Program News


JHPTS Visual Tracking taught a two-day course on May 27-28, 2019 for National Fish & Wildlife Officers at Camp Ripley at Little Falls, Minnesota 


Twenty-six Federal Fish and Wildlife personnel attended this course, sponsored by the Northeast Region of this federal law enforcement agency.  All officers were novice level even though it turned out that four members of the class had participated in or at least observed Border Patrol tracking operations as Border Patrolmen prior to their hiring on with Federal Fish and Wildlife.  


Instructors presenting this course were Al Fox, Richard Fox, Kevin Willis, Steve Dahlberg, Philip Desroches and Joel Hardin.

JHPTS Visual Tracking 5-Day course in Traverse City, Michigan

Kathy Decker, Steve Frye and Kevin Willis instructed a 5-day tracking course sponsored by Three Fire Trackers at Lake Arbutus, Traverse City, Michigan on April 22-26, 2019.

Congratulations to Ashley Zurn and Tony Christensen for a successful achieving Basic Tracker certification.  Congratulations also to Chuck Franklin, who achieved Apprentice Tracker Certification.

Trackers and Instructors alike commented on how wonderful the week was working sign with an amazing group of trackers.