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Mar/16 - Mar/17, 2019
Boise, Id
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MARCH 16-17, 2019


Course Sponsor: JHPTS/VTATI - We will be gathering at the corporate offices of Hayden Beverage, 2910 E Amity Rd, Boise, ID 83716

NO Student Tuition charge. All JHPTS Designated Trainers, Lead Trackers, Instructors, and interested Members should attend. Attendee’s travel and lodging are your own responsibility. Everyone will be charged $45 to cover furnished meals, drinks, fruit, paperwork, etc.

Students needing additional information or directions for the seminar should contact Kris Scovel, at 208-863-3095 email .

Lodging & Furnished Meal service information details following.

Students planning to attend should pre-register with Kris Scovel at the earliest opportunity using email

Anyone planning to fly to Boise, please advise Kris of your travel plans so she can “track” your departure and arrival so we don’t get someone stranded somewhere and wonder where they are. Plan on taking the shuttle to your motel, check in and let Kris know you are there and someone will be sent to pick you up.

All Instructors, Assistant Instructors, Designated Trainers and Assistants and interested JHPTS-VTATI certified trackers who can arrange their schedules should attend this training seminar to be held at the Corporate Offices of Hayden Beverage, 2910 E Amity Rd, Boise, ID. (See attached map) It is important for all senior trackers in our program to gather at least once per year so that we all get to know each other and to ensure that all JHPTS/VTATI trackers in “Instructor, and Trainer” positions are up to date on where JHPTS/VTATI is going and what is expected of them in their respective positions.

There will be a meet and greet at the Hayden Beverage facilities on Friday, March 15th evening from 6:30PM to 9:00 PM. Please do not bring outside beverages as they are not permitted in or on the grounds of the Hayden Beverage Corp Offices.

Registration will take place at the Hayden Beverage facility on Saturday, March 16th in the morning.

7:00-7:45AM. Registration and Classroom

This will be primarily a classroom training class beginning at 8:00 A.M. on Saturday morning, March 16th, registration from 7:00-7:45AM at the Hayden Beverage Offices. We will do our best to have everything done and wave good-bye to everyone between 2:00PM/3:00PM on Sunday, March 17th. A Seminar agenda with presentation times and titles will follow this announcement separately.

MEALS: We are charging each student $45 for food service and will supply lunch and dinner on Saturday the 16th and lunch on Sunday the 17th as well as paperwork and classroom refreshments including sweet rolls, donuts, fruit, coffee, tea, juice Saturday and Sunday morning. Please pay the $45 meal service fee at time of registration 7:00-7:45AM on Saturday morning. Please do not send money in advance.

LODGING: This will be the student’s responsibility and we suggest lodging at one of the motels in the immediate area. (Please see attached motel lodging list) When you RSVP to Kris would you please let us know which topics are of particular interest to you or any other topics which you believe are a problem. Perhaps you’ve been confused or confounded with different explanations or procedures, or those who should know have not been clear on directions or answers.

The training program and all of its various components are constantly being upgraded to cope with growth and changing social and professional tracking response. This training opportunity will allow everyone to review our structure, and who is supposed to be doing what to make training at all levels more economical, efficient and effective for students.

MOTELS (see map for approximate locations with respect to Hayden Beverage)
Here are some options. No special room rates are available due to unpredictability in arrangements.

2970 W. Elder St. – Boise, Idaho 83705, Exit 53 off I-84, Vista Ave. north, left onto Elder Way

BEST WESTERN Vista Inn & Rocky Mountain Conference Center
2645 Airport Way - Boise, Idaho 83705, Exit 53 off I-84, Vista Ave @ Airport Way
208-336-8100 or 1-800-727-5006

2275 Airport Way – Boise, Idaho 83705. Exit 53 off I-84, Vista Ave @ Airport Way
208-389-9800 or 800-469-INNS

Other Motels include:
Super 8 Motel: 2773 Elder St (208)344-8871
Motel 6: 2323 Airport Way (208) 344-3506
Comfort Inn: 2526 Airport Way (208) 336-0077

There are several other motels within a few miles of the Hayden Beverage.