Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the JHPTS courses?

Most courses are for 24 hours, usually beginning at 8:00 AM Friday morning and ending around 2:00 PM on Sunday. Sessions are split between classroom and field practice areas with day and night sessions. Occasionally a course will have different hours or day, so check the information sheet for your particular course.

What student aids are needed to take a course?

Pen/pencil, notebook, small measuring tape, 3-cell “D” flashlight, tracking stick with 3 rubber bands, 3″x5″ mirror (plastic preferred) and compass. Survey tape (bio-degradable) is also useful.

What other equipment is needed to take a course?

Sun block, hat, layered clothing, snacks and water are all needed. Students should bring clothing and equipment for a typical SAR response, with provisions for 8-12 hours of deployment. Many students have found that kneepads make the class more comfortable.

Will I be a “certified” tracker after the class?

Certification is solely based on the demonstrated knowledge and tracking skill of the student. Students typically reach Basic-Level 1 certification after 60 hours of documented training and field practice.

For how long is a tracking certification valid?

Tracking skills diminish without regular practice. All certifications are in effect for a year after issuance, with a 3 month grace period allowed prior to recertification through a refresher course.

Can I pay with Paypal from this website?

This website is setup to allow shopping in our Resources – Shopping Cart section. After selecting an item and placing it in the cart, click “Order” and when done click “Confirm”. Your shopping list will be compiled and an email sent to JHPTS and you. Click on the Paypal logo and you will be connected to the secure Paypal website and your shopping list will appear. Complete the details for Paypal and confirm payment.