JHPTS-PayPal Tutorial

Step by Step tutorial for using PayPal to send tuition payment or
tuition deposit to Joel Hardin Professional Tracking Services.

(This method does not use the JHPTS website shopping cart, it uses PayPal directly)

– – – –

Step 1

In your web browser go the the PayPal site at https://www.paypal.com
On the Home Tab > Send Money > Send Money Online

Step 2

You are paying someone in: United States.
Enter the dollar amount to be sent in USD (US Dollars)
Payment is for: “Buying Something”
Click on Continue

Step 3

To:  joel @ jhardin-inc.com  (no spaces)
From:  your email address
Click on Continue

Step 4

Create your personal PayPal Account using:

Your email address
Create your Password
First Name
Last Name
Phone Number
Credit Card Number
Expiration Date
Security Code from back of card

Click on “Agree and Create Account”

(…or use your own pre-existing PayPal Account and password)

Step 5

Review your transaction – Payments to Joel Hardin Professional Tracking Services should be sent to: joel @ jhardin-inc.com (no spaces)
Enter specific details in the optional message box explaining what the payment is for. One example would be:  Class Tuition Deposit for Tracking class on (class dates) at (class location) sponsored by (class sponsor).

Step 6

Click “Send Money”