JHT Board Members

Rick Bedsworth

I’ve had a longtime interest in tracking and searched for a credible training program that I didn’t know but knew that somehow real trackers should know. I contacted Joel in late 1999 while Joel was still with UTS. I started in the program the following spring of 2000 and continued with Joel through JHPTS. Under Joel’s leadership of both programs I learned and achieved to a certain level of tracking proficiency but still have so much more to learn and accomplish.

I am also General Manager of KCG, Inc., which has four divisions within the company. Our major division is distribution of drywall material and I am responsible for the profitability and operational development within this division. We have 24 locations spread throughout the nation and being in this position allows me the opportunity to deal with many different market situations and demands. I train and advise managers in developing and implementing efficient methods to the ever changing environments in which we exist. I rely on Joel as the “master tracker” and he relies on my business and management knowledge, skill and dedication to the JHPTS program.

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