Small Business Award 2008

Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year

After completing 25 years as a tracker with the U.S. Border Patrol, Joel Hardin founded Joel Hardin Professional Tracking Services, a specialized training program for search and rescue, law enforcement, industrial security, and military Special Forces in 1990. Joel has participated in several major criminal investigations and missing person searches that have attracted wide media attention. He has produced primary evidence in numerous criminal case prosecutions including the “Green River Serial Murders”, fleeing fugitive and escapee incidents, and international missing person searches in Mexico, Australia, Peru, Canada, Alaska, and many western states in the U.S. Joel is a recognized tracking expert by the federal and state court systems and has helped the National Search and Rescue Association and other participating institutions develop international tracking standards and certifications. He has trained thousands of military and law enforcement personnel.

This Small Business Administration award is a tribute to the fine professional members of the Joel Hardin Professional Tracking Services training and consultation program.  Our business incorporates many trained professionals throughout the United States and is recognized as the industry standard for professional tracking training and response to public service needs.  In addition to missing persons searches, we contribute directly to the highest levels of military and law enforcement investigative and forensic examinations and evidence production.

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