Sponsor Info and Forms

The Joel Hardin Professional Tracking Services program routinely provides training classes upon request in all areas of the United States.  JHPTS encourages tracking organizations, Law Enforcement Agencies and other entities to sponsor classes in their area.  The links below provide information about our class costs and procedures to be followed to provide us with the information we need to work with you to set up a class in your area.  Once the information is provided our staff will work with you to get your class scheduled.  Please send completed copies of the Registration Sheet and the Course Information Sheet to both Joel Hardin at: joel@jhardin-inc.com and to Jo Peterson at: jo@sisqtel.net 


Course Sponsor Information Sheet –iconLargeWord
Course Sponsors can use this form to plan costs, logistics, etc

Course Sponsor Registration Sheet –iconLargeWord
Course Sponsors should use this sheet to plan for a training course. Send to JHPTS

Tracking Course Information Sheet Template –iconLargeWord
Course Sponsors can use this template to build your own information sheet. Edit as necessary.