JHPTS In-House Class

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Oct/24, 2020
Yreka, CA
Jo Peterson

Siskiyou County SAR began developing a Tracking Unit in 2013 by providing specialized training based on the Joel Hardin Professional Tracking Services program (JHPTS).   www.jhardin-inc.com   Every year the Tracking Unit expands.


In-House training will soon start again this year, and because of regional interest, neighboring counties are invited to participate.  Classroom training will be at the Armory in Yreka, 1712 Fairlane Road, first building on the right at the main entrance to the Siskiyou Golden Fairgrounds.  This training is open to all SAR volunteers and interested law enforcement personnel.  Training presented is progressive and will cover all JHPTS Basic Tracker training modules.   If your schedule will not permit you to attend all of the classes, come when you can. 


Monthly trainings will typically be the 4th Saturday of each month.  However, due to scheduling conflicts our first two tracking trainings will be April 4 and May 2.  The 3rd training will be May 23 which will start the fourth Saturday schedule through October.  Training for all Saturday-only classes will be from 0900 to 1700 hrs and will include both indoor and outdoor training.  The level for this training will be for Novice and Basic trackers.  


Two 16 hour weekend classes will occur over two days and include night tracking on Saturday.  Exact times will be determined at a later date.  Training focus for both weekend classes will be for Apprentice and Journeyman level JHPTS certified trackers.  Novice and Basic students who have attended the Saturday-only classes are invited to participate.


Students must contact Jo Peterson at jo@sisqtel.net   or call 530-468-5947 before attending so plans can be made to provide appropriate training, and additional instructors if necessary.  All training will be provided by JHPTS Visual Tracking and Training qualified Instructors and/or Designated Trainers, and will conform to the JHPTS standards.


Training Schedule:


April 4                          Basic Tracker Modules BT 1, BT 8, BT 10                           7 hours

May 2                           Review Basic Tracker Manual and Program updates         7 hours

May 23                         Basic Tracker Modules BT 2, BT 9, BT 11                           7 hours

June 20 - 21                  In-House weekend class, AT 6, AT 7 or JT 4, JT 5              16 hours

July 25                         Basic Tracker Modules BT 3, BT 7, BT 12                           7 hours

August 22                     Basic Tracker Modules BT 4, BT 5, BT 6                             7 hours

September 26 - 27        In-House weekend class, AT 12, AT 13 or JT 6, JT 7          16 hours

October 24                   Basic Tracker Modules BT 13, BT 14, BT 15                       7 hours


Student Needs:

Students should be physically fit and equipped for SAR field response.  Field practice will continue during any inclement weather, students should be properly prepared with wet/dry, cold/hot weather gear.  Knee pads may be helpful.  Students need to bring a pencil, note pad, small measuring tape, 5/8 inch doweling or similar, 36 to 40 inches long, with three rubber bands to use as a tracking stick and a two or three D-cell flashlight with an incandescent bulb for night tracking.  Be sure to bring your lunch, snacks and plenty of water for the day.


At Yreka from I 5 take Exit 773, Fort Jones Highway 3.  Parallel to the freeway on the east side is Fairlane Road.  At the stop sign at Fairlane Road turn left.  Drive about 1/8 mile and turn right into the fairgrounds at the main entrance.